Water Treatment

We are getting too many request for Aquarium Products, Accessories,  Currently  We deal only live Fish stock.

We have Selected top brand (Orginal) products from Amazon India website.  For AFI Customers.

Top Selling Amazon Medicine & water Treatment Brands

Fertilizer, sands, stones +

Fertilizr for plants

Medicine, Watertreatments, Aquarium chemicals+

Medicine, Watertreatment

Testkits & medicine

Medicine & Test kits

Marine Aquarium Salt

Marine Salt

Suitable for Big Aquarium tanks, Water treatments

Water Treatment

Marine & Pond & Freshwater all accessories, cheap and best price

All In One

Bio media filter for marine, freshsater fishes (costly)

Bio Media Filter

2way, 3way airpump, Biological Mat sponch, pumps, Airstone, Airtube

All In One

Nitrate Reducter, High Porosity Filtration, Acrylic Safe Algae Scraper

Water Treatments

Water Treatment, Calcium chloride, Ammonium, All water treatment, (Premium)

Water Treatment

Co2 Alluminium Cylinder, Planted Aquarium Accessories, Plants Fertilizer, LED Lights

Co2 Cylinder

Aquarium Sand, Stones, Gravels

Aquarium Sand

Marine Aquarium fish Medicine, Salt, Sand, Water Treatment, Corals growth, Algae growth. (premium)

Only For Marine

Fish Ich & Parasite Treatment, Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner

Best Bio Bacteria for aquarium, Big Tin Fish Foods, Fish Treatment Cheap & best price


Water Conditioner Cheap & Best Price

Water Conditioner

API products for Pond water treatment. pond care (Premium)

Pond Care

Worms and Parasites treatment, Reef booster, Bacteria, Whitespot, Fungas

Fish Treatment

Marine Salt, Protein skimmer, Water Treatment, Cheap price for salt bucket.

Marine Salt

Plants Aquarium Fertilizer,Bio filter, All water treatment cheap & best Price

Water Treatment

Pond Water treatment, Pond Medicines, Acid buffer, Ph buffer, Matrix (premium)

Pond Treatment