Imported All Freshwater Fish (Pack 4)

Exotic Freshwater ₹Price List ( Price of Each FIsh )

A grades Flowerhorn  4″.1440
Pn blood  Flowerhorn2000
AAA grade Flowerhorn2400
Monster head  Flowerhorn3200
Breeding Male Flowerhorn7200
Red parrot 7 to 8 cms336
Red parrot 9 to 10 cms368
Yellow parrot.400
Mono sabe.224
Tiger Oscar 4″Inches320
Albino red oscar 4″Inches320
Platinum parrot288
Elephant nose960
Golden archar560
 Peacock bass2800
Black ghost 3″Inches240
Wood fish 3″Inches576
Balloon Tiger green barb264
Balloon Tiger barb240
Balloon electric blue ram rise464
Stringray Hybrid pearlae 6″12800
Stringray Arapima. 8″6400
Stringray Arapima  9″7520

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