Filter & Pumps

We are getting too many request for Aquarium Products, Accessories,  Currently  We deal only live Fish stock.

We have Selected top brand (Orginal)products from Amazon India website.  For AFI Customers.

Top Selling Amazon Pump/filter/+ Brands

External filters, Pump, Powerhead, Mini Tank, ( Premium)

External Filter

External Canister Filte, Airpump, Powerfilter, Tubes and pipes, (Premium)

External Canister Filter

Marine & Pond & Freshwater all accessories, cheap and best price

All In One

External Canister Filte, Pond Filter, Aquarium Tank, Accessories (Premium)

External Canister Filter

Co2 Alluminium Cylinder, Planted Aquarium Accessories, Plants Fertilizer, LED Lights

Co2 Cylinder

External filter Pump, Betta Tanks, Power filters

External Filter Pump

Pond Filter, Submirsable Pump, Chiller, Jumbo Compressor Air pumps (Premium)

Pond Filter, Chiller

Glass Pipes, Curved Pipes for planted Aquarium ( Premium )

For Plants

External Canister Filter, Submirsable universal pump, Wave maker, Skimmer (Premium)

External Canister Filter

Wave Makers, Programmable Auto Dosing Pump, Marine Controllable Water Pump ( Premium )

Wave Makers

Filtermedia, Mini Tank with light, Heater, Led Lights, Pump Accessories. ( Premium )

External filter media

Pond Waterfall pump, Koi Floting Food, Pump Foam, Pressure FloFilter, (Premium)

Pond Waterfall

Foam Sponge for filter and aquariums (Premium)

Foam Sponge

Magnetic air pump, Chillers

Magnetic Air Pump

S/M/L/XL Airstone, Multi iron connector, Glass Fiters, ( Premium)

Air Stone

Pumppower Head, Waterflow pump, Uplifting pump, Submirsable pump (Premium)

Submirsable Pump

Wave makers, Return pump. (Premium)

Wace Makers

Tank cleaner, Heaters, Powerhead, filters, Lights, Airpump, Cheap & best Price.

All In One

Planted Aquarium co2 Regulator, Atomizer, Planted net (Premium)

Planted Aquarium

Wavemaker, External filter, Submirsable pumps

Wave Maker

Topfilter, Powerhead, Airpump, Led, all products Cheap & best Price

All In One

Cansiter External filter, Submirsable pumps, Hangon filter, Led Lights, Cheap & best Price

Canister Filter

Multiple Type of Controllers, Airstones, Plastic & steel (Premium)

All Controlers

Aquarium Heaters, Colour changing Light, (premium)


Sponge, Foam for Ehim, Fluval to brand filters (Premium)