We are getting too many request for Aquarium Products, Accessories,  Currently  We deal only live Fish stock.

We have Selected top brand (Orginal) products from Amazon India website.  For AFI Customers.

Top Selling Amazon Artificial Toys/Plant Brands

Fertilizer, sands, stones +

Fertilizr for plants

Artificial Toy Plants, Rocks, Gravel, Coloring stones


Filtermedias, foam, carbon+

Fertilizr for plants

Toys for aquarium, interior desingn of aquarium tank

Aquarium Toys

Marine Alive sand Substrate, Marine Algae Growth, Pink reef sand

Live Sand & Substrate

Marine & Pond & Freshwater all accessories, cheap and best price

All In One

App/Wifi Smartphone Automatic Feeder, LED lights, Fish bowl, Heater, Airstone, Cheap Price

All In One

Cheap Price Aquarium Toys, Background, Water cleaner, Lights and more

All In One

2way, 3way airpump, Biological Mat sponch, pumps, Airstone, Airtube

All In One

Cheap & Best price All Aquarium Accessories.

All In One

Cheap & Best Aquarium Toys, Artificial Quality Plants, Glass Stones, Silicone toys, Bowl

Quality Toys

Aquarium Sand, Stones, Gravels

Aquarium Sand

Undergravel filtersa, Turtle tank, Cleaning tubes, Breading tanks (Premium)

Undergravel Filter