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How to change aquarium water perfectly

If you want your fish to remain happy, healthy and cheerful, a weekly change in water becomes essential. You can control the development of debris, filthy materials, growth of algae and thereby toxins if you maintain the cleanliness of aquarium by regularly changing its water. Why it is neglected In spite of knowing the importance […]

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Tips to keep fish happy and healthy inside the Aquarium

No matter which pet you like to have, making it happy, comfortable and providing a feeling of safety becomes your responsibility. Domesticated animals require a lot of love and care from their owners. To get mingled with the new surrounding, they want a lot of attention in the initial few days. However, with fish as […]

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Larger Aquarium the Better Aquarium

Watching the small colorful exotic fish swirling and swimming all around the aquarium is an ultimate stress buster. People who are fond of fish can spend hours watching them. It is not only the kids that get fascinated with the view but the adults as well. Before you get an aquarium, it is essential to […]

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Aquascaping an Aquarium

If you are fascinated with the idea of having an aquarium, aquascaping will enthrall you too. Aquascaping is an art in which landscapes are made underwater in an aquarium. A tank which consists of exotic looking and beautiful landscapes grabs the attention of people easily. It not only makes the aquarium look extraordinarily amazing but […]

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Japanese Koi Fish Pond

Koi Pond Essentials The Japanese say that a Koi keeper’s expertise is measured by the number of Koi that have perished in his care.  If you wonder why, the answer is simple.  They know that human beings learn a lot more from their errors than from perfect instructions. All I can offer are perfect instructions. In […]

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Koi Quarantine Pond Setup – koi Pond water treatment

In the Koi world, we say “Quarantine, quarantine, quarantine.”  This should be rule #1, but it is often the most overlooked by koi owners. We want to stress the importance of good quarantine skills and will be covering how to setup your koi quarantining tank. In this article, we’ll cover these essential koi quarantine questions: […]

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Tropical Aquarium Plants Gallery

Think About Why You Want Aquarium Plants Your first step in choosing live plants for your aquarium is to spend a moment thinking about why you want aquarium plants in the first place. Live plants can provide a variety of helpful benefits, but you still need to consider how you want to use them and […]

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